North Bayshore Precise Plan, Pear Avenue Mixed-Use Development | City of Mountain View
Environmental Impact Report, Addendum

The City of Mountain View General Plan identifies a bold vision for the 650-acre North Bayshore area regarding land use, sustainability, habitat preservation, economic development, and mobility. The North Bayshore area is located in the northern end of the City, bordering Shoreline at Mountain View Regional Park to the north, Highway 101 to the south, Palo Alto to the west, and Stevens Creek to the east.

In December 2017, the City of Mountain View approved the North Bayshore Precise Plan (NBPP) to implement the General Plan vision for the area. The NBPP allows for the development of up to 9,850 residential units and 3.6 million square feet of office and commercial development. With approval of the Precise Plan, the City seeks to transform the North Bayshore area from a corporate office park to an innovative, sustainable, and complete mixed-use district.

DJP&A was the City’s environmental consultant for this transformative plan and subsequent development projects, including the Pear Avenue Mixed-Use Development, implementing the NBPP. The Pear Avenue Mixed-Use Development project, proposed by The Sobrato Organization, was approved in October 2018. It is the first major housing development in the North Bayshore area, and will include 635 multi-family residential units and 230,000 square feet of office development. The project will also extend roadways and reconfigure site access; construct outdoor plazas, courtyards, and pedestrian greenways throughout the site; and preserve a 1.4-acre parcel for future development of affordable housing.

Rendering by ARC TEC and Studio T-Square

  • Consistency in project team with previous projects in North Bayshore area
  • Familiarity with North Bayshore area and community concerns
  • Flexibility with and adaptability to project changes
  • First project adopted under 2017 North Bayshore Precise Plan
  • First multi-family residential project in North Bayshore area, with 635 residential units

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