Foothill Live/Work Project | City of Cupertino
Initial Study

The Foothill Live/Work Project is an innovative residential development that accommodates the modern lifestyle and supports the City of Cupertino’s ongoing efforts to combat climate change. The project will construct single-family homes with a detached workspace located along the street frontage. In addition to adding housing into the region, the project offers an independent business space just steps away from home. This drastically reduces the need to commute to and from work and takes cars off the roads. The Foothill Live/Work Project is a novel approach to a rapidly-changing, 21st century lifestyle.

One notable issue which the IS/MND analyzed pertained to hazardous material contamination due to the previous service station and automotive repair uses on-site. Throughout the environmental review process, DJP&A worked with the project applicant, Tate Diversified Development, Inc., the City of Cupertino, and the County of Santa Clara Department of Environmental Health to develop a combination of mitigation measures that would remove and properly handle the soil and protect future residents from historic contamination on the site.

The project was approved by the Cupertino City council in the summer of 2014.

  • Innovative live/work design with detached work spaces in front of single-family homes
  • Soil remediation and effective clean-up of site contaminants
  • Community engagement in overall design

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