Post & San Pedro Tower | City of San José

Located at the heart of Downtown San José, the Post and San Pedro Tower project will redevelop an underutilized parking lot with 21 stories of residential uses and ground floor commercial/retail uses. In the midst of a regional housing shortage, the project will provide vital housing opportunities less than a mile away from Diridon Station and other transit services, to serve Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area. In conjunction with the nearby One South Market residential project and San Pedro Square Market, the ground floor commercial/retail uses of the project will further improve the Downtown area’s overall connectivity and livability.

The Addendum tiered off two guiding visions within the City, the Envision San José 2040 General Plan and Downtown Strategy 2000, and was completed in September 2014 and approved shortly thereafter. During the preparation of the environmental analysis, Project Manager Kristy Weis worked closely with the City of San José and the project applicant, DiNapoli Capital Partners, to ensure that the project would not significantly impact surrounding historic resources (such as the Sunol Building and Market-Post Tower) or local traffic. Principal Project Manager Judy Shanley provided quality control and project oversight. Project construction is slated to commence in spring of 2016 and will take approximately two years to complete.

Images courtesy of: StudioCurrent Urban Design + Architecture

  • Much-needed housing opportunities in Silicon Valley
  • 21-story building near City Landmarks and Structures of Merit
  • Parking garage combined with an existing adjacent garage to maximize the use of existing resources.

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