Carolan Avenue & Rollins Road Residential Project | City of Burlingame Environmental Impact Report

Known locally as The City of Trees for its towering eucalyptus trees, Burlingame has earned a reputation for its high quality of life, pleasant suburban lifestyle and thriving downtown. Situated mid-peninsula with easy access to San Francisco to the north, and Silicon Valley to the south, Burlingame offers residents a quieter alternative to the busy city lifestyle, while still being near regional job centers and recreational opportunities.

On June 15, 2015, the Burlingame City Council approved the Carolan Avenue and Rollins Road Residential Project, which proposed up to 268 apartment units and 22 townhouses. The new residential units would replace existing automobile sales, rental, and repair facilities that currently divide existing residential uses on either side of the project site. The project also includes moderate-income level housing, a Community Room available to the Burlingame community, and a host of green components such as electric vehicle charging stations, a bicycle repair station, and secure bicycle parking spaces.

The project’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR), spearheaded by Kristy Weis, evaluated a number of environmental impacts, including: air quality, noise, and traffic issues that arose from the project’s proximity to railroad tracks, the busy Broadway interchange, and US-101. During the EIR process, the team also coordinated with the San Mateo County Environmental Health Department to resolve issues regarding residual contamination.

The project garnered the support of local neighbors and business associations, and the EIR was ultimately certified unanimously by both the Planning Commission and City Council.


Images courtesy of: SummerHill Homes and Seidel Architects

  Extensive community outreach and working with surrounding neighbors

  Coordination with Caltrans and the San Mateo County Environmental Health Department

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