One South Market | City of San José
Initial Study

Rising 23 levels above ground, One South Market will add over 300 new residential units and 6,000 square feet of ground-floor retail/commercial uses to Downtown San José. In conjunction with the future Post & San Pedro Tower project and the bustling San Pedro Square Market, One South Market will be another important step towards livening the Downtown area.

The project is built upon the site of the second pueblo of San José. Spanish settlers first settled in the area in 1778 near the Guadalupe River, but as the river continued to flood, the pueblo was moved to its second location in present-day Downtown San José. During excavation and grading of the project site, construction personnel received extensive training regarding the identification and protection of cultural resources, in accordance with the Initial Study and Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP) prepared by DJP&A. A myriad of cultural resources were found and properly identified, cataloged, and preserved in accordance with local and state regulations.

Our team members on the project included Judy Shanley, and Shannon George. As a result of their effort, the environmental review for One South Market was completed on time and efficiently. The project is currently under construction and near completion.


Images courtesy of: Mark Tersini

  • Ground-floor retail and commercial uses will complement the nearby San Pedro Square Market
  • New residential uses in an urban infill environment
  • Careful assessment of impacts to cultural resources and implementation of appropriate mitigation measures

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