Morgan Hill Downtown Specific Plan | City of Morgan Hill
Master Environmental Impact Report

“Strengthening Downtown as the gathering place, a connecting force, the social and activity heart of Morgan Hill, is the overriding aspiration of this Plan – a place where residents from all segments of the community can live, work, meet, shop, dine and participate in public celebrations, and share in the richness of Morgan Hill’s community life. It will be a place like nowhere else – a place with its own scale, character and uses.”


That was the vision established by the City of Morgan Hill in adopting the Downtown Specific Plan in 2009. To make this vision a reality, the City of Morgan Hill adopted new urban design standards and guidelines for the Downtown area, including intensification of residential, restaurant, and retail uses; and pedestrian, bicycle, and streetscape improvements. New design guidelines for private development were also adopted in order to create a unique character for the Downtown area and increase connectivity with the City’s Caltrain Station.

Although the main concerns for the Downtown Specific Plan pertained to land use compatibility, traffic, and noise, other community issues such as historic preservation were of equal concern to DJP&A and the City of Morgan Hill planning team. Through early and active communication with the City, Will Burns, AICP assisted with environmental review for this urban planning project designed to help the City preserve resources and maintain links to its past as it sought to invigorate its urban core by allowing for increased mixed-use, transit supportive, future development. A subsequent Addendum for a mixed-use parking garage was also prepared by Akoni Danielsen, and Amber Sharpe.

  • Rezoning and adoption of new design guidelines
  • Historic preservation
  • Bicycle and pedestrian-oriented development

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