Vallco Town Center Specific Plan | City of Cupertino
Environmental Impact Report

In September 2018, the City of Cupertino took a step towards redeveloping the Vallco Shopping Mall with the approval of the Vallco Town Center Specific Plan project. The site has an extensive history of revitalization and redevelopment efforts, including the approved SB 35 Vallco project. DJP&A is the City’s environmental consultant for the project, past redevelopment efforts, and ballot initiatives related to the site.

The Specific Plan area is approximately 70 acres in size and located at the intersection of Stevens Creek Boulevard and Vallco Parkway. Approximately 51 acres of the Specific Plan area is currently developed with the Vallco Shopping Mall and associated parking facilities. The Specific Plan allows two tiers of development with a maximum of 2,923 residential units, 1.75 million square feet of office, and 485,000 square feet of commercial uses along with community benefits. The community benefits include a new City Hall, a Performing Arts center, affordable housing, co-working/incubator space, and financial and in-kind contributions towards local transportation improvements and public schools.

The DJP&A EIR Team’s expertise and extreme flexibility and responsiveness to the dynamic Specific Plan process made it possible to complete the EIR process in less than a year!

  • Extreme flexibility and responsiveness to the dynamic Specific Plan planning process.
  • First-hand knowledge of site development history, redevelopment efforts, and previous environmental review.

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