Field and Stadium Lighting Projects | Bay Area

DJP&A provides environmental review for a wide variety of projects, including unique projects like field lighting. Over the years, DJP&A has prepared environmental documents for many lighting projects for park and school sports fields including those at the following locations:

    • Agnews Campus, Santa Clara
    • Castlemont High School, Oakland
    • Homestead Highschool, Cupertino
    • James Lick High School, San José
    • Mountain View Los Altos High School, Mountain View
    • Oakland High School, Oakland
    • Red Morton Community Park, Redwood City
    • Santa Clara High School, Santa Clara
    • Santa Teresa High School, San José
    • Silver Creek High School, San José
    • Skyline High School, Oakland
    • Valley Christian Schools, San José

Field lighting projects for community parks and high schools are generally located in residential areas and, thus, have the potential to affect nearby sensitive uses. DJP&A works closely with lead agencies to ensure that community concerns are addressed and the proposed lighting is designed and operated in a manner to minimize impacts on the surrounding neighborhood. As part of our services, DJP&A can also lead and facilitate discussions with stakeholders, including members of the public, about the environmental review process and issues of concern surrounding field lighting at community meetings and hearings for the project.

Other Specialty Projects