Santana Row | City of San José
Environmental Impact Report

Santana Row is one of the Bay Area’s premier shopping destinations and features over 70 shops, 20 restaurants, a movie theater, a hotel, offices, condominiums and apartments. Conveniently located near Interstate 280, 880, and Highway 17, Santana Row is not only a popular place to relax over food and drinks and shop for everyday goods, but also to live and work.

DJP&A initiated the environmental review process for Santana Row in 1997 with redevelopment of the Town and Country Center and has prepared subsequent environmental documents for the project as it continues to grow. Shannon George began serving as the Project Manager for Santana Row in 2005 and continues to lead the environmental analysis for the site. Continuity and efficiency are hallmarks of DJP&A’s enduring success; as a project grows and additions are made over the years, the same DJP&A Project Manager who initially managed the project will continue to lead the environmental review process for subsequent development. By designating one Project Manager and identifying a single point of contact for each project, many of the pitfalls and inconsistencies that arise from having too many people involved in separate, discrete tasks are preempted.

Due to the project’s prominent infill location near freeway exits, on-ramps, and residential uses, traffic impacts were carefully assessed and mitigated to the extent feasible. Shannon George and Principal Project Manager Akoni Danielsen also worked with the applicant, Federal Realty Investment Trust, to ensure that an adequate combination of transit services and parking would serve the project. Today, Santana Row represents a distinctive example of successful mixed-use and remains a popular gathering place for locals and tourists alike.

  • Community support for the project
  • Environmental analysis completed ahead of schedule and under budget
  • Extensive coordination with local agencies

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