Stevens Creek Trail | City of Mountain View
Environmental Impact Report

The Stevens Creek Trail is an approximately five-mile long Class I bicycle and pedestrian trail located in the City of Mountain View. Class I bicycle paths are physically separated or buffered from surrounding roadways and offer bicyclists and pedestrians the greatest amount of protection from vehicular traffic.

Originating from the regional San Francisco Bay Trail in the north, the Stevens Creek Trail provides commuter and recreational access to the offices in North Bayshore, the restaurants and Transit Center in downtown Mountain View, as well as El Camino Real and Mountain View High School. The trail follows Stevens Creek through woodlands, tidal marshes, urban environments, and neighborhood parks.

DJP&A was retained by the City of Mountain View to complete the environmental review for the final 1.7-mile segment of the trail as well as subsequent changes to the design. This portion of the trail was constructed near residences and included three bridges over Stevens Creek, a $4.2 million bicycle/pedestrian overpass over Highway 85, and an additional pedestrian access point from El Camino Real.

DJP&A conducted environmental review for the project with an approach that allowed the City to construct the trail with flexibility for future design modifications. This approach involved early identification of design parameters and project limits, which empowered the City to make intelligent design changes in later years based on community input and experiences on the trail.

  • Popular class I bicycle and pedestrian facility
  • Local commuter and recreational benefits
  • Creek bridges, highway overpasses, and tunnel beneath El Camino Real to ensure trail continuity

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