Brentwood Non-Potable Water Line | City of Brentwood
Initial Study

The City of Brentwood is located in the Eastern Contra Costa County region of the San Francisco Bay Area and has been known for its agricultural production and, more recently, suburban development.  As part of its Capital Improvement Plan, the City approved the extensions of a non-potable water main and a potable water main loop connection along Grant Street, between O’Hara Avenue and Shady Willow Lane, in northern Brentwood in 2012.  The project was part of the City’s overall plan to extend the use of non-potable water for irrigation.  The City purchases non-potable water for irrigation from the East Contra Costa Irrigation District (ECCID) where the untreated water is pumped from the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta.  However, in the event of a drought, water purchased from the Delta could be restricted.  The City sought to minimize the amount of non-potable water purchased by using non-potable water (tertiary effluent) from the Brentwood Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

The project proposed the extension of an existing non-potable water line for approximately 8,600 feet to irrigate landscaped areas including an existing park and a future park.  In addition, a potable water main was also proposed for extension by approximately 1,250 feet to connect to the existing distribution system and complete a loop.  DJP&A completed the Initial Study for the environmentally preferable source of irrigation in 2012.      

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