Picture of John Hesler Vice President and Principal Project Manager

John Hesler | Principal Project Manager

Where do we start with John Hesler? John is DJP&A’s third employee, and joined in 1982 after he completed his undergraduate studies in Environmental Planning at San José State University. John immediately developed a focus on transportation, from roads and highways to transit and airports. With a 37+ year tenure at DJP&A, John is our “transportation guru,” and boasts successful environmental review for projects such as construction of the 18.7-mile California State Route 85, conversion of SR 237 and SR 87 from expressways to freeways, and construction of the VTA Light Rail system. John is one of DJP&A’s primary points of contact for on-call environmental consulting services to the Mineta San José International Airport, San José Department of Transportation, Santa Clara County Roads and Airports Department, and Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.

Aside from his unparalleled transportation experience, John brings to the table a light-hearted energy that prioritizes building and maintaining professional relationships. Though this comes naturally to him, he has also found that positive interactions among team members facilitates compromise and results in better projects.

When not working on a deadline at DJP&A, John enjoys volunteering for a number of local non-profits.

To experience John’s good nature, give him a call directly at (408) 454-3424. If his line is busy, try his email.