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Data centers house computer servers and supporting equipment, help store a massive amount of data, and facilitate the flow of information in the modern era.  Over the years, DJP&A has completed many data center projects for technology companies, online businesses, and data center operators, such as Equinix and Vantage (which provide carrier-neutral data centers for a variety of clients).

A data center project typically involves the installation of emergency backup generators, fuel or water storage tanks, mechanical cooling systems, and associated infrastructure or utility improvements. Due to the energy-intensive nature of data centers, environmental review for these types of projects generally focus on air quality, greenhouse gas emissions, energy, and utilities.  Often times, biological impacts are also evaluated due to the large size and square footage of data center projects, which can be more than 300,000 square feet on over 16-acres of land.

DJP&A is familiar with the requirements of data center projects and, as a result, can craft effective mitigation measures that minimize the projects’ impacts on the environment, while maintaining the energy and security requirements that are integral to the data centers’ operation.

DJP&A team members Nora Monette, Julie Wright, Mike Lisenbee, and Amber Sharpe have all worked on various data center projects throughout Silicon Valley.


Images courtesy of: Bob Mical (Flickr)

  • Extensive data center project experience
  • Mitigation measures that meet both environmental and operational requirements

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