Picture of Judy Shanley President Principal Project Manager

Judy Shanley | President / Principal Project Manager

Judy graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Geography and joined DJP&A shortly thereafter.  After 26 years with the company, she has accumulated a wealth of experience that allows her to effectively manage multi-disciplinary projects that involve a broad range of issues.  Her specialties include Specific Plan projects, federal HUD-funded development, infrastructure, and school facilities.  Recently, Judy has overseen the environmental review for the Post & San Pedro Tower and One South Market project in downtown San José, the Santa Clara University, Gavilan Community College, and Muslim Community Association School expansions, and numerous field and stadium lighting projects throughout the Bay Area.

As the company President, Judy provides day-to-day leadership of DJP&A in executing our strategic objective of providing superior quality and customer service, as well as being an active Principal Project Manager.  Judy provides management and oversight in the preparation of environmental documents by others to ensure the document is consistent and reflects the best available technical expertise.  She advises public agencies and private sector clients on CEQA and NEPA processes and procedures, and frequently makes presentations explaining environmental processes and reports before decision-making bodies and members of the public.

In her free time, Judy enjoys running, yoga, and walking her two dogs.  Judy can be reached directly by phone at (408) 454-3431 or by email at Jshanley@davidjpowers.com