Picture of Demetri Loukas Project Manager

Demetri Loukas | Senior Project Manager

Demetri graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Ecology and Systematic Biology.  Working as a Biological Technician for the National Park Service out of college, he transitioned into a career in planning with DJP&A in 2002.  His diverse project experience includes environmental review for schools, field and stadium lighting projects, quarry and other industrial development, commercial/retail projects such as IKEA, and General Plan Amendments.  He is currently working on the Santa Clara County Circulation Mobility Element Update, Freeman Quarry Expansion, and several school projects.  With his background in systematic biology combined with his planning expertise, Demetri approaches his projects in a holistic manner that ensures a comprehensive and thorough environmental analysis.

Demetri is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys biking, fishing, hunting, golfing, and hiking.

Demetri can be contacted at (408) 454-3422 or by email at Dloukas@davidjpowers.com