Picture of Michael Lisenbee Project Manager

Mike Lisenbee | Project Manager

Mike joined DJP&A in 2006 after graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies.  Since then, he has prepared environmental documents in compliance with both CEQA and NEPA for highly complex projects, including: the massive Communications Hill Residential Development in San José, which consists of 2,200 residential units and 1.44 million square feet of industrial uses, as well as single-use bag reduction ordinances that cover San José, Alameda County, and West Contra Costa County.  Aside from typical residential and commercial/retail projects, Mike specializes in solid waste infrastructure projects such as landfills, material recovery and recycling facilities, and waste to energy facilities.  Many of these projects are located near sensitive habitats adjacent to the San Francisco Bay and environmental review requires special knowledge of the laws and regulations governing these areas.

In his spare time, Mike enjoys music recording and production, and playing soccer.  He is also an avid Sharks fan, and is patiently waiting for the year they finally win the Stanley Cup.

Mike can be contacted directly at (408) 454-3401 or by email at Mlisenbee@davidjpowers.com