Picture of Daniel Chang Researcher

Daniel Chang | Researcher

Daniel graduated from San Jose State University with a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a Minor in Computer Science. After graduating, he joined DJP&A in 2017 as a Researcher.  Daniel previously worked as an intern for the City of San Jose’s Environmental Services Department (ESD), where he worked on land-use planning and environmental compliance projects for the San Jose/Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility.  Daniel also has experience in energy infrastructure, having done research for ESD’s energy groups regarding Hybrid Electric Buildings and Community Choice Aggregation.

At DJP&A, Daniel works closely with other staff members researching and preparing environmental documents for both private and public sector projects in compliance with CEQA.  His educational background, public sector work, and experience with environmental compliance make him an asset to DJP&A.

In his free time, Daniel enjoys strenuous hikes and surfing.  Daniel can be contacted directly at (408) 454-3403 or dchang@davidjpowers.com.