Picture of Amy Wang Assistant Project Manager

Amy Wang | Project Manager

Amy joined DJP&A in 2016 after graduating from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning, focusing in City Regional Planning. While in college, she was a Commissioner for the Environmental Policy Planning Commission on campus and worked on a variety of resolutions including the polystyrene ban. Amy also interned with the City of West Sacramento Community Development Department, where she gained hands on experience with city planning and the approval process for development projects. Her work at the City of West Sacramento included preparing a staff report for a zoning administrator interpretation on craft distilleries and presenting the item to the Planning Commission.

At DJP&A, Amy works closely with other members of the staff researching and preparing environmental documents for both private and public sector projects in compliance with CEQA. Her educational background, strong work ethic, and love of learning make her an asset to DJP&A.

Outside of work, Amy enjoys hiking, traveling, and visiting art exhibits. Amy can be contacted directly at (408) 454-3423 or by email.