Picture of Fiona Phung Researcher

Fiona Phung | Assistant Project Manager

Fiona graduated from the University of California, Davis with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning in the summer of 2015.  While attending UC Davis, Fiona interned for the UC ANR 4-H Youth Development Program where she was able to work with others to develop a curriculum about human-animal interactions and animal welfare.  Fiona’s animal welfare curriculum is currently being UC Peer Reviewed.  Her internship and prior involvement in Calpirg has provided her experience in research as well as working in a collaborative environment.

Since joining DJP&A in January 2016, Fiona has been preparing Initial Studies for a variety of projects.  Some of her projects include: Museum Place Mixed Use (San José), Greyhound Residential (San José), Lake Park Office (Santa Clara), and Saratoga Creek Trail (Santa Clara).

Fiona enjoys photography, exploring different cities, and being a crafty lefty.

Fiona can be contacted directly at (408) 454-3427 or by e-mail at Fphung@davidjpowers.com.